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Rome Agent 20th Anniversary LE Snowboard

Rome Agent 20th Anniversary LE Snowboard

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The Agent is a true heritage board for Rome. Built with the ride-anything sensibilities of Fusion Camber, a lively and responsive flex profile and now upgraded with our Double Kick in the nose and tail for locked in presses and riding out of sketchy landings. This true twin is built around the idea that responsive boards make everyone a better rider.

Modern shaping meets classic performance.

Profile: Camber
Terrain: Park/Resort/Pow
Response: Medium


  •  Bamboo HotRods: Torsional flexibility, pressable yet reliable all-mountain charging. HotRods are used in a variety of configurations to enhance the board's pop and responsiveness. Each configuration compliments the board’s intended riding style and shape by enhancing the responsiveness where needed. 
  •  DoubleKick: Used on freestyle-oriented boards, Double Kick is an aggressive, two-part rise in the boards nose and tail. Designed for locked in presses, torsional stability and riding away from sketchy landings. 
  •  Biax Fiberglass: Fiberglass with two different axes, built to be more torsionally playful and pressable
  •  Stomp Core: Rome's most stable and predictable core, built with 100% poplar construction.

Fusion Camber

Positive Camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points; the modern go-to for all-mountain performance.


Shape: Twin

Boards built with fully symmetrical specs; sidecuts, flex patterns and nose and tail lengths. True twin boards are great for freestyle riding and progression.

A completely symmetrical shape, which thrives in a variety of freestyle situations. At the core of its design, the twin shape features an identical nose and tail shape, which provides an identical feel and predictable maneuverability whether riding regular or switch. Although originally developed with park riders in mind, twin shapes have also grown to be embraced by many all-mountain riders that like to bring a skateboard style riding out of the park and onto the entire mountain.


Flex: 5 (Scale 1 - 10)

From the park to the peak, and anywhere in between.

Base: SinterStrong

The new go-to, this hardworking base is easy to fix with great wax retention. A low maintenance daily driver for riders of all ability levels.

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