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The Landyachtz Switchblade Chief Night can do it all! 

The Switchblade is a double dropped freeride shape that is designed to give you a low, comfortable platform. This makes it perfect for exploring big hills as well as getting around town as quickly as possible.

Deep concave and foot pockets at the drops give you the reference points you need to explore the limits of your freeriding. In addition  the 9 ply maple construction keeps the board stiff and under control. This quiver killer board comes in measuring at 40″ long by 10″ wide and offers a driftier and more stable ride. This complete comes set up with 180mm Gen 6 Grizzly trucks and 70mm 80a Mini Zombie Hawgs wheels for premium freeride capabilities straight out of the box.

Redesigned from the ground up and incorporating technology perfected in our high end DH and Freeride trucks, Gen 6 Grizzlies are the best performing cast trucks on the market today.

Game changing strength and highly refined steering geometry are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, the Supreme Hawgs are ultimate all-rounders, to do anything you could want to do on your longboard and do it well. With a 78a urethane formula for good acceleration and roll speed while providing predictable slides and ample grip. As a result, with the perfect combination of Bear Spaceball Built-In bearings and 70mm 80a Mini Zombies you’ll be ready to ride for any occasion. Mini Zombies feature a stone-ground finish on an offset core, resulting in a smooth slide and predictable hook-up.

Designed to conquer steep neighborhoods and big mountain descents around the world, this board is one of the most technically advanced boards in the lineup. This is  one of the highest quality, fastest, and most innovative downhill board from Landyachtz. Features like dropped platforms and variable, technical concave will keep you locked in and stable as you get after it on your local hills.

  • Deck width: 9.8″
  • Deck length: 39″
  • Wheelbase: 31.7″ – 32.2″
  • Bear Gen 6 180mm 40° trucks
  • Bear Spaceball Built-in bearings
  • Landyachtz Supreme Hawgs 70mm 78a
  • Wheels from factory may vary
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