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Whether it be carving through the streets, bombing hills, or cruising by the Seawall the Landyachtz Dinghy Coffin Kitty does it all!

The Classic Dinghy shape has been the cornerstone of our cruiser lineup for many years now and it continues to deliver good times. At 28.2″ long and 8.3″ wide, it’s an agile city cruiser that can go where many boards can’t. Featuring a 100% Canadian Maple constructed deck with low concave and wheel wells for strength and durability through all elements you may come across.

Ready to turn on a dime and provide the responsiveness you desire are the Polar Bear trucks. These 105mm Polar Bear trucks are strong, agile, and ready to grip the tightest turns. These fast rolling Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs and Bear Spaceball Built-in bearings are the perfect match if you are wanting to have some fun while cruising around. Ride for miles or turn them side ways and slide. With a 63mm diameter, these wheels will tackle anything in its path.

Rip around town like never before with this compact Landyachtz Dinghy Coffin Kitty. Designed and purpose-built with quality components and functional shapes to make your next urban adventure epic. Carve a hill, slash a bank, pop up a curb on your way to wherever you have to go. The perfect size for stashing.

Loads of performance jammed into a tiny package, the Landyachtz cruiser boards are some of the most fun and capable boards out there! Development of these boards is informed by years of R&D for racing and freeriding. These completes offer up the most distilled version of everything that Landyachtz has learned over the years about how skateboards should turn, roll, and feel.

  • Deck width: 8.3″
  • Deck length: 28.2″
  • Wheelbase: 14.5″
  • Polar Bear 105mm trucks
  • Bear Spaceball Built-in bearings
  • Landyachtz Fatty Hawgs 63mm 78a
  • Wheels from factory may vary

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