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Bronson Speed Co Bearings G2 are a game changer! The G2 model features a super smooth and fast roll, much appreciated to rest of it’s features. These bearings are designed to withstand being thrashed around.

The Bronson Speed Co. G2 skateboard bearings deliver top shelf performance, first of all keeping affordability in mind. Straight edge, friction-less shields are pop-off resistant to hold in oil and yet keep moisture out. Also featuring an increase roll speed linear, due to the micro-groove surfaces; in addition improve bearing lubrication. Nano-ceramic compounds resist corrosion and prevent excessive wear as a result. In conclusion, Bronson Speed Co. crammed all this tech into these bearings for a most noteworthy reason: to give you the smoothest, longest lasting roll at a reasonable price.

So what does all that mean? Well the deep grove raceways reduces side impact preventing damage and breakage. The straight edge friction less shields are pop off resistant, furthermore meaning they hold in lubrication and keep dirt out. This allows the bearings to give you a faster cleaner spin in conclusion.

  • Pop off resistant straight edge friction-less shields
  • Deep groove raceway surfaces
  • Smooth and fast roll speed
  • Set of 8 bearings and 4 spacers
  • Designed for the punishment of today’s skateboarding
  • High quality bearings at a reasonable price