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The Cheese Grater is back! Here we have the second revision of this Freeride Machine, designed by Alex Hannigan. It is constructed with 10 plies of Canadian Maple, featuring four cross-grain plies for tortional rigidity. The v2 has lots of wheelbase options and a symmetrical shape, so it’s perfect for all of your Downhill/Freeride needs, and doubles as a great all-around commuter. The v2 features the alluring “Lines” graphic, designed by our very own Ken Leigh Smith. Experience the magic of the Cheese Grater and get em’ while they’re hot.

Length: 36.25
Width: 9.5
Wheelbase: 22.5 - 29"

The CG is your one stop shop for any form of four wheeled, cement surfing, gravity assisted shredding performance. There was a lot of different skate styles taken into consideration when this board was being designed, which resulted in a very versatile deck. The 100 percent symmetrical shape and mould give you the ability to swap over into your switch stance at the drop of a hat, while maintaining awesome confidence. The flares and the micro drops allow you to maintain awareness of your foot positioning without ever having to look down at the board. These features in the concave are prominent enough to use as references for your foot positioning, but not prominent enough to be intrusive or uncomfortable. Whether you are freeriding or racing, hands down or standup sliding, the board keeps your feet locked in. There are many wheelbase options which allow you to set up the board for many different settings.

One trick the Cheese Grater has up its sleeve is those fully functioning kicktails. The shortest wheelbase will create an ideal geometry in the tails to allow the board to pop wicked ollies! If you want more stability, and ollies are not important to your riding style, you will want to opt for one of the longer wheelbase options. If you are a fan of directional setups, you can set your front truck on the shortest option and your back truck on one of the longer options. This allows you to have your front foot overtop of the front baseplate while still maintaining the ability to adjust your wheelbase. A staggered wheelbase setup of this type is ideal for racing. This board has a huge standing platform with lots of surface area, so it allows you to really play around with your foot positioning and throw down all kinds of crazy slides. It works best with slippery round lipped wheels and some seriously aggressive grip tape- Alex.

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