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At 10% lighter than standard stage 11’s I present to you the Forged Hollow Standard Independent Trucks. They feature a forged base plate, hollow kingpins and hollow axels. They are really are one of the most cutting edge trucks we have ever seen.

They are 53.5mm tall, putting them slightly below the high size for Independents (55mm) and taller than the lows (48.5mm). This tactical height advantage gives skaters who are used to high trucks a very slightly quicker pop without sacrificing much leverage and low truck skaters more leverage without having to graduate to a high truck.

These trucks are great for any skill level. Riders young and old can feel the difference in Independents control versus the next leading truck. This 1978 founded brand has been innovating in skateboarding since day 1. From designing trucks for serious pool skating to reinventing trucks for street use, Independent is a name you can trust.

These 10% lighter trucks may be just that edge you need to get that bit of extra height and accomplish those troublesome tricks. Improving technology in trucks without sacrificing strength, that’s the best. That’s Independent.    

  • 53.5mm Height
  • 169mm Width
  • Best suited for 8.75”-9.75”
  • Forged baseplate
  • Smooth grinds
  • Great response
  • 50mm-54mm Wheel suggested
  • 10% Lighter
  • Set of two