Boardom's Skateboard Team

Christian Formenti

Age: 19 (Started at age 11)

Stance: Regular

Current Setup: 8.6 Creature deck paired with Ace 55 trucks, Oj 54mm 101A Elite Wheels, and Bronson G2 bearings

Favourite trick: Halfcab heelflip

Favourite skateboard brand: When I was younger, Plan B was always my favourite but as of late, Krooked is my current favourite as their boards are solid, they have an awesome pro team, and I love their designs and art style!

Favourite skatepark: Woodlands Skatepark (165 Sturgeon Rd, St. Albert, AB T8N 3G1) in St.Albert is definitely my favourite park at the moment as they have awesome features, fresh pavement, and a really awesome community forming around that park, the vibes are unmatched!

Favourite part of skateboarding: I love the independent nature of skateboarding, and how it’s all up to you specifically. There are so many things to do and so many tricks, it’s cool seeing everyone's different style and shows that there isn’t just one way to skateboard, it’s really up to the rider and how far they want to go with it!

Jack Dinius

Age - 29 (started riding at age 9)

Stance - Regular

Current Setup: Real 8.25, Venture High 5.6 trucks, Bones 52mm 103A V2 Lock Ins. Bronson G2 Bearings

Favourite Skateboard Brand: Growing up, my favourite brand was always DC. When I was younger, I remember going to bed every night and watching all of DC skateboarding videos so DC will always be a special brand for me personally.

Favourite Skatepark: Kaskitayo Skatepark (111 Street 19 Ave, Bearspaw Dr W Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6J 7E7) This is my personal favourite park in the city as the park lots of ledges and solid features for all skill levels and also has the best bank to rail in the entire city!

Favourite trick: Nollie Kickflip

Favourite part of skateboarding: My favourite part of skateboarding are competitions and putting lines together. I love to compete and the thrill of competing is such a rush. Putting new lines together or combos is also one of my favourite parts as it allows me to get creative and try new things even if i’ve skated that specific skatepark of feature 1000 times, it’s always fun trying new things and putting new lines together!


Age 21 (Started at the age of 12)

Stance: Goofy

Current setup: 8.25 Boardom shop deck, Independent ST11 144 polished trucks, 54mm 99A Spitfire formula 4 wheels, Bones reds bearings

Favourite trick: Fakie flip or switch heel

Favourite skateboard brand: Es shoes are my favourite brand since their shoes offer so much support and most of their models are mostly a cupsole design which offers amazing board feel! Es is also skater owned and operated which is nice to support a local brand more so than a big corporation!

Favourite skateboard park: Castledowns, Kaskitayo, and Canora Courts are my current favourite parks in Edmonton. As they all offer something different and all feature unique ways to skate the parks for all skill levels!

Favourite part of skateboarding: Skateboarding is for everyone and every age, it doesn’t matter if your 4 years old or 40, there’s always new things to learn or new people to meet which keeps things fun and fresh for me as a skater!

Rob Ethridge

Age 32 (started at the age of 9)

Stance: Goofy

Current setup: Boardom 8.0 shop board, Thunder polish 147 trucks, Spitfire  53mm formula 4 99a wheels, DGK bearings, 

Favourite trick: Cabflip or nollie 360 heelflip

Favourite Brand: DGK has the best art in the game and I love their products and skate insane with DVS, Osiris, and Es shoes!

Favourite Skateparks: Keswick skatepark in ontario and Capilano skatepark here in Edmonton but also love Canora Courts!

Favourite part of skateboarding: For me, it’s the freedom and the feelings you get while skateboarding. Nothing can top the feeling of finally landing a trick you’ve tried over 100 times or putting together a crazy combo of tricks. It’s also the memories and the people you meet while skateboarding which is hard to beat.

Ryder Kashman

Age: 15 (Started at age 13)

Stance: Goofy

Current setup: Real 8.25 deck, Independent 144 stage 11 trucks, 53mm Bones wheels, Reds Bearings

Favourite Brand: Real is my favourite as I love their boards, they feel amazing and have some of the best wood in the industry. They also have really good clothing and an insane Pro team.

Favourite skatepark: St.Albert skatepark is my favourite park in the city. It’s been my local park ever since I started skateboarding and has good features for every rider!

Best part of skateboarding: For me, I love the environment and the local people at the skateparks. You really feel the sense of community when you go to the parks and you see the same people and start to get to know them

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