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Snowboard Pre-Season Maintenance

Winter is fast approaching and, if you’re anything like us, you’re anxious to grab your board and hit the slopes!

Before you run off on an awesome snowy adventure, it’s important to make sure your snowboard and gear are in working condition.

No matter where you park your board for the warmer months, repairing and inspecting your gear can make the difference between a fun-filled day and a total disaster.

Before you make a run to the hills, here is your guide to pre-season maintenance for your snowboard:

1. Check Your Board’s Edges and Base

If your board has been hanging in a basement or shed, it’s important to check the edges and base for rust spots. There could also be nicks and scratches from the previous winter.

Although it’s important to clean up your edges and base, you should also tune your edges. Sharpened edges will give you optimal grip and performance if you prefer boarding the trails but dull edges are preferable if you love the thrill of hitting rails.

How you maintain your board’s edges depends entirely on your personal preference and what works best for your riding style. Either way, it’s important to keep them clean and smooth.

When it comes to your board’s base, check it for any cosmetic damage or deep base shots that need to be buffed out.

2. Clean and Wax Your Board

Now that your board is free of blemishes and dings, it’s time to clean it up! You can use a base cleaner to clear out the dirt from the pores of your base.

This is a crucial step before waxing your board. Without proper cleaning, the wax will likely not stick to the base.

How often you wax board your board depends on how much you ride it, but it’s a good idea to give it a good waxing before hitting the slopes at the beginning of snowboarding season.

You’ll know it’s time to wax your board when the base starts to look a little white or if you feel you are going slower than usual.

While hot wax is recommended to ensure your board is properly waxed, you can give it a quick waxing using a cold block of wax against the base. It’s not as effective but it’ll do in a pinch.

3. Tighten Your Board

The last thing you should do to ensure your board is ready for the winter season is to tighten up the hardware of your bindings. Your bindings will come loose at some points so it’s best to make sure they are tight before hitting the slopes.

This will save you the hassle of making adjustments while you’re out on the hills as well as keep you safe during your adventure!

Along with the bindings, take a look at the other hardware such as your ladders, straps, and highbacks.

4. Set Up Your Board

How you set up your board depends on your riding style. However, it’s important to make sure it’s done properly to ensure your safety as well as prevent injuries such as damage to your joints.

Think about your preferred stance width and angles as well as your strap sizing and adjustments. This will help you properly mount your bindings.

Of course, no snowboarder is expected to know how to do this properly. That’s why taking your board to a professional at a snowboard shop is beneficial in ensuring that your board is set up properly.

5. Inspect Your Gear

Even though your board is ready to go, it’s also important to make sure your gear is in tip-top shape!

Check to make sure everything fits such as your boots. Also, check that they strap properly onto your board.

Take a look at your headgear, jacket, gloves, and pants. The last thing you want is to get ready for a day on the hills only to find out your gear is too small or damaged!

Proper Storage

Prevention is key when it comes to making sure your board stays in excellent condition. Proper storage will ensure that your board will last longer and that pre-season maintenance will take less time!

Here are some tips for properly storing your board:

  • Store your board in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage.
  • Clean your board before storing it away.
  • Leave a coat of wax on your board to prevent the base from drying out.
  • Invest in a plastic ziplock storage bag or wrap your board in plastic.

Ready to Go?

The best winter adventures start with having the best board! If you find there is no amount of pre-season maintenance to bring your board back to life, Boardom has you covered!

Our team is proud to provide high-quality boards and gear and we are passionate about helping you find the best product to suit your sense of style and adventure.

Check out our collection here!

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