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Why Should You Buy a Santa Cruz Board?

For over 40 years, Santa Cruz Skateboards has been an industry-leading brand that continues to resonate with professional riders as well as younger generations.

To understand the quality of this brand, it’s important to know its story. Here is a bit of history when it comes to the Santa Cruz Skateboards as well as the features that make it stand out in the world of skateboarding:

The Story of the Santa Cruz Skateboard

Back in 1973, surfer friends Doug Haut, Jay Shuirman, and Richard Novak started up NHS Inc. in Santa Cruz, California (which is an acronym of their last names!).

Their surfboard business struggled in the early days before a Hawaiian company challenged them to produce 500 skateboards.

Because NHS had some extra fiberglass lying around, and not a lot of business, they went ahead and filled the order using their stocked material.

And, thus, the first Santa Cruz skateboard was created in 1973.

The order of 500 skateboards sold quickly and they eventually become a notable symbol in skateboard culture.

However, the Santa Cruz skateboard would not be as popular today if it wasn’t for the artwork of Jim Phillips, who went beyond the usual one-color graphics found on skateboards, decks, and in marketing campaigns.

He put real artwork on the boards featuring bold and colorful graphics, making the Santa Cruz stand out from the competition.

The Santa Cruz Skateboard: Unique Features

Not only was the artwork features on the Santa Cruz skateboard significant, but the design itself boasts some really unique features:

Innovative Design

In the 1980s, the Santa Cruz was the first skateboard to feature a concave deck and upturned nose.

Their innovative design was geared toward half-pipe riders.

NHS eventually added black fiberglass on top of the laminated wood, making the board more resistant to impacts.

In 1994, they developed a plastic, injection-molded skateboard deck using recycled materials they called NuWood - and it was virtually indestructible.

When a rider is finished with the NuWood board, they can send it back to NHS to be ground up to produce a new skateboard.

Road Rider Wheels

Along with the concave deck and sturdy materials, NHS developed the Road Rider Wheels in 1974. Prior to this, wheels were made of metal or clay, and both materials would wear out and break apart over time.

The Road Rider Wheels are made of urethane (which is common nowadays) but were the first to include precision ball bearings.

It didn’t take long for these innovative wheels to gain popularity - by the end of 1975, they had sold over a million sets across the globe!

A year after that, they sold over six million.

This boost in profit allowed NHS to invest more money into the Santa Cruz brand, bringing it to the forefront of the skateboarding world.

Iconic Logos

Perhaps one of the most recognizable aspects of the Santa Cruz Skateboard is its iconic logo.

The earliest logo design was the “Red Dot” logo featuring the brand name in attention-catching yellow letters.

However, not long after that design was released, the company put forth the “Screaming Hand” logo that is the most recognizable today.

Its bold lines and bright colors were previously unseen in the world of skateboard graphics, making this iconic logo stand out among the competitors.

Santa Cruz Skateboards - The Advantages of Buying One

They Are Great for Beginners

The Santa Cruz is a great skateboard for beginners. The wheels are not too soft and not too hard, making them forgiving on curbs, pebbles, and cracks.

The wheel bushings also help the board turn well but can be customized to match your size and riding style.

They Are Perfect for a Wide Range of Riding Styles

There aren’t many skateboards out there that can be used for a wide range of riding styles but the Santa Cruz is sturdy and durable so you can ride the roughest terrains as well as the city streets with no issue.

The trucks and wheels are high-quality as well, so you can make quick turns while riding.

They Are Reliable and Safe

Because the Santa Cruz Skateboard is durable, it is also reliable and safe. It’s a great starting board for kids who want to get into riding.

It can deal with rough surfaces so the wheels don’t lock as easily as other boards, making it safe for both young and new riders.

Plus, with its design, the trucks match the width of the deck so the wheels don’t stick out and create a tripping and falling hazard.

Check Out the Santa Cruz!

Here at Boardom, we are dedicated to providing you with only the highest-quality skateboards and riding needs!

That’s why we are proud to offer Santa Cruz Skateboards for both professional skaters and those who are just starting out.

If you have any questions about the Santa Cruz, or about any of our products, feel free to contact us at any time!

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