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Founded in 1997 in Whistler, BC, Landyachtz has become a global force in the longboard and cruiser industry. Focusing on quality, value, and enjoyment their boards are used around the world and are a great choice for both beginners and experienced skaters!

Landyachtz longboards come in top-mounted or drop-through deck styles. Drop-through deck styles increase stability making push much easier, while top-mounted gives you ultimate control over your trucks.

Whether you’re a city cruiser looking to make your daily commute a little more fun, or you’re looking for a board that will give you the confidence to send those tricks you’ve been wanting to try, our variety of Landyachtz cruiser skateboards has an option for every rider.

View our collection of complete longboard and cruiser setups, decks, wheels, and accessories. Shop online or visit our stores in Edmonton or Lloydminister for a test ride before you buy. 

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