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Head Kore X 80 + PRW 11 GW Skis

Head Kore X 80 + PRW 11 GW Skis

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The KORE X 80 has the proven design of the KORE series in a waist that favors the frontside. HEAD uses strong but light Graphene in the core for a responsive and stable ride. A new topsheet shape adds extra durability while the long, effective edge creates a big bandwidth for a variety of abilities. Whether arcing the corduroy or cruising the slopes, the KORE X 80 will respond in kind.

Speed: 3-6/10 (Medium)

Level: 3-6/10 (Intermediate)

Terrain: 1-3/10 (on-piste)

Turn Radius: 4-6/10 (medium)



  • Wood Composite Core
  • Graphene: GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.
  • Power Sidewall Jacket Construction
  • Structured UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker
  • Plate: LYT PR Base


  • Binding : PRW 11 GW

    The PRW 11 GW is a system binding with all-mountain toe. It convinces with easy handling and GripWalk compatibility. Thanks to PowerRail technology, the PRW 11 GW can be mounted on all skis with pre-mounted PR Base.

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