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Independent Stage 11 Polished 144 Trucks

Independent Stage 11 Polished 144 Trucks

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Indy Trucks, with a 4140 chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins, these Stage 11 standard Independent trucks are tough as nails. Their SAE steel grade axles are super tough and ready for big drops and all kinds of impact, while the 356 aluminum in a perfect compound for a smooth grinding, while lasting longer than most competition. 

Standard Independent trucks are so much more than just standard. Not only have they stood the test of time and braved every high and low of the skate scene, but they have also revolutionized skateboard trucks since the original Stage 1.

Leading the way through street skating revolution, Independent knows exactly what skaters need and beyond.

Whether you’re just shredding the streets after work, or a pro like Reynolds, Figgy, Haslam, or Romero, Independent has all your needs covered.

Serving skaters what they need since 1978, Indy has it down to a science, literally. The research and product design is amazing!

So suit up a pair of these standard trucks on your setup. They are 55mm tall and ready to shred. They work very well with wheels up to 56mm tall (without a riser). So they will be great for the street or the park. So whether you want smooth grinds on the coping or down handrails, Independent has you covered. Furthermore, their high geometry works well for loose and tight truck riders. 


  • 55mm height, 139mm hanger
  • Best suited for 8.125″ – 8.375″ decks
  • 4140 chromoly steel axles
  • Polished finish, grade 8 kingpin
  • 90a cone & cylinder bushings 
  • Sold in pairs, lifetime guarantee
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