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Oj's Elite Nomads 95A Wheels

Oj's Elite Nomads 95A Wheels

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The OJ Elite Nomads are aiming to crush their rivals with all terrain performance, speed, smoothness, slides, and of course, exceptional durability.

With decades of experience and advanced urethane manufacturing technology under their belt, OJ took what they learned with the original Elite, and applied it to a softer durometer. As a result, Nomads keep the feel and properties of a hard wheel, while performing smoother and maintaining speed better on crusty terrain. This fine balance means you can enjoy a crusty street session as much a smooth park one – all on the same set of wheels!  

The Elite is a monster of a wheel that’ll treat you right, even through the tough times and rough grinds. These pro wheels are great for slides, grinds and tricks alike! The advanced urethane is what you need under your deck if you want to get the best roll and feel for your ride that money can buy!


  • Durometer: 95a
  • Nomad shape (slim conical)
  • Elite urethane formula
  • Top performance on any terrain
  • White
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