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Santa Cruz Stanger Things Meek Slasher 10.1 Cruiser

Santa Cruz Stanger Things Meek Slasher 10.1 Cruiser

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This Santa Cruz X Stranger Things Meek Slasher Shaped Cruiser Complete has made its way from the upside down!

The all new Stranger Things Meek Slasher Cruiser has been sucked into the upside down and has come back a little different. With a twist on the classic, this Meek Slasher deck features the OG shape you know and love. In addition, it comes setup with with different colored Krux 9.0 K5 trucks and custom 60mm 78a Slime Balls OG Slime wheels, for easy turning capabilities while offering a smooth ride.

Skate in style on this fresh Santa Cruz X Stranger Things Meek Slasher Shaped Complete. This professional quality complete measures 10.1″ wide x 31.13″ long and is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. As a result, this board great for park shredding, street skating, cruising or just hanging on the wall! 

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